Apply to Join Our PRO Class

Our PRO class are for students who have a great passion and drive to excel in their dance ability and performance. Dedication, practice and the willingness to learn is essential here. Our PRO class will be taking part in IDTA exams, national competitions and performances.. Below are the requirements to be apart of our PRO class

  • Dancers must be over the age of 8years at the beginning of the September term.

  • Dancers must have strong rhythm and perform basic steps at ease.

  • Full class attendance required – missing classes may compromise your place.

  •   All Pro Class dancers are required to take part in competitions, exams and performances – no exceptions.

  •   Pro dancers are required to wear their Dance It Out uniforms each week and appropriate footwear.

  •   Dancers who want to join OR rejoin our Pro class must APPLY by filling out the application form on our website and notify the dance instructor.

  • ·Applications are only accepted form starting Sept and Jan terms.

  •  New dancers applying will remain in recreational and if showing drive, ability and passion to learn and improve, they will be granted a place in our Pro class within 4 weeks.

  •    Dancers who are unsuccessful will be given tips to improve (ability and techniques) their next application to Pro class.

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